Big Faux Pas Thread


Once was talking to a colleague at my last job. She starts saying something like ‘Oh, I had to go and collect Morrissey from a friend’s house last night which was why I missed the meeting’ or some shit, and I go ‘Oh, is Morrissey a cat or a dog?’, and she goes ‘no, thats my son’.



I thought you meant miserable bigot Morrissey then.





Once accidentally printed out a really horrible and pervy email for a well known radio presenter to read live on air when I was doing an internship at a radio station.


When talking to my vegan colleague I referred to our non-vegan colleagues as “normal people”



Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been “muggles”.


That’s kind of their fault for calling their kid morrissey


is the kid actually called Morrissey or was she joking because her son is a miserable bastard?


i thought this too, but then thought maybe they called him Morris at home or something.


nah, definitely morrissey. came up a lot afterwards.


that’s weird must have been some kind of subconscious association and urge you had to do that


that’s gross


also like if you name your child after a specific famous person, you’re going to give them an inferiority complex right? There’s very little chance they will achieve the same “success” or social status as that person


Dunno man. Would consider calling my son say, Elvis over Morrissey. Depends on the celeb


Isn’t Elvis a fairly normal name in some countries though?


maybe his full name is Morris E. Child


I think it’s because my brain hates me.


I was served by Elvis when shopping at Sainsburys in Muswell Hill recently.