Big Friday

A fitting sequel to Good Friday

Got a lazy half day WFH before going to a friend’s gig in London and nothing really pressing to do, could be a lot worse. How about you?


Really hoping for a @tilty monstrosity this morning but at least this way I don’t have to make a custom Garfie Baby.

Work today. Beautiful morning but I imagine it’ll rain later, as it has done every other day for the past week.

Going to see Holiday Ghosts tonight, which I’m looking forward to. Weird their new album isn’t out until later in the month tho.


Going to meet a former colleague on their last day at my previous employer so we can have a good moan/vent.

Then I’m taking the afternoon off because having to be around people all day yesterday was exhausting.

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Merry fridinglingtons one and all


Drinking coffee in Rotterdam


Why do I feel hungover when I didn’t drink last night :frowning:

Tonight me and Avery are going to a comedy show we impulsively bought tickets before finding out it’s parenthood themed…

  • You have kids in your life and you are yourself a former child, it’ll still be relatable and enjoyable
  • :grimacing: you’ve wasted your Friday evening :expressionless:

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Kids say the darnedest things live



Been for a very soggy bike ride.

Going out for Local Indian tonight.

Not sure what the 9 hours in the middle are going to be used for.

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Had two whole pints at Yo La Tengo last night because I thought I’d get achey standing up for that long otherwise. Looking after an extra dog today (and tomorrow and the next day). My phone keyboard has a Bing button now, have joined the waitlist so I can use it to make my DiS posting more professional.

Ice Cream No GIF by CBeebies HQ

I’m really enjoying the smirk on the face of the ice cream: He knew Bing didn’t deserve a tasty ice cream.


No idea, sorry

Morning all!

I’ve got some errands to run this morning and then I’m back on the computer games until later. Wor Lass and The Child aren’t back until tonight so I am probably going to be talking to myself until then.

I had pizza for breakfast.


A good show should be accessible to everyone. Who is it?

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The black bunny rabbit is a character called Bing.

@Gnometorious - I hope the jokes land better than this one did.


Hey up Once again I am at airhop

The sweet sound of piped pop music and children’s screams in a warehouse

Least I have bought some work to do :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:

Impressed you’re alive tbh


Got two buses to the office as my car is in the garage still. I mainly came in for something I can’t really work from from home, but also to see someone as I’ve been struggling work from home this week.

Obviously, no one else is in the office today. So I’ll just be starting a different four walls.

Day off! whoooooo. Going bowling at lunch with the kids which should be fun. Not sure what else yet.

Contemplating what the hell i’ve done and anticipating getting another year older tomorrow.

Waiting for the new Heroin discog and the Primitive Man/Full of Hell LP to turn up at the record store also so may check in there today with fingers crossed.

whatever you’re up to - have a chuckle whilst you do it :slight_smile:

Treating myself to some rotational eating, to celebrate getting tickets to Spanish Love Songs at the Lexington. :croissant::arrows_counterclockwise::tada::tada:


Called in sick. Not because I am, but because I woke up and just couldn’t be fucking arsed.