Big game for us tomorrow night

Man Utd v Juventus.

Proper Wednesday Night Champions League Football, back at the home stadium.

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…but on a Tuesday at 8pm. Tonight.

The wider community may look at this thread so this is an information post about the fact that a football fixture than can legitimately be referred to as “Young Boys vs The Old Lady” is happening on December 12th at a stadium called “The Wankdorf”



Which team are you playing for?

Tennis Nottingham.


Bake off semi final?


quite like some of the Man U fans on here
good luck!


Jesus, is there some way they can both lose??

Eh guys hahaha


Have you seen bcafc are now officially the worst team in the football league in 2018? :persevere:

yeah I have. still warming to Hopkin though
nice to have a manager with a big belly


1st half

  • Man Utd play in classic Mourinho style. Once they get two thirds of the way up the pitch they lose the will to attack and play it into the middle of the pitch before tamely losing possession.
  • Juventus take a comfortable lead.

2nd half

  • United remember how to play football correctly.
  • United level the scores.
  • Ronaldo scores the winner for Juve and doesnt celebrate. He might even cry a little.
  • Mourinho does a face.

He could have a fairly short shelf life, although I really don’t know if anyone else would step in if he got the chop.

It’s immensely saddening to see the club disintegrating before our eyes

Brighton and Cove Albion?

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Bradford City and fish, chips


nobody else wants to touch us and he has nothing to work with, would be mad to let him go before january no matter how shite we are. feels like we do have 3 or 4 very good league one players (at least Payne, Scannell, O’ Donnell) and then the rest are either completely out of form or should be in non league. bad time for them to come in but some of the new young lads look terrible

Pretty much agree with that. I was furious with scannell for his sending off, we’ve got no wing outlets whatsoever with him off the field. The rest as you say, would struggle to stay up in league 2, which is where we’ll undoubtedly be next season barring a maaaaaaaaassive investment in January.

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Lol @ tonight

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