Big gaps in the music you’ve listened to (genres or artists I guess)

Occurred to me the other day I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a heavy metal album all the way through. Even though the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica, GnR etc were massive and everywhere when I was a kid. Might not have even made it all the way through any single song tbh.

Pretty sure I’ve never listened an album of anything you’d call heavy rock either - post rock yep but nothing like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple. Oh I’ve listened to Dark Side of the Moon so maybe that counts or maybe that covers me for prog rock.

Anyway what are the gaping holes in your listening?

Not sure I could ever be bothered to listen to a heavy rock or metal album now tbh.

I’ve never properly listened to Patti Smith or Leonard Cohen even though I like what I’ve heard.

I would consider myself a fan of Neil Young as well but there’s so many full albums I’ve never heard.

Basically legacy acts with too many albums.


Patti Smith is easy 'cos just Horses and forget the rest. You’re genuinely missing out on one of the best records of rock and roll. Is incredible.

I never listened to an entire M. Jackson record.

Well I’ve heard Horses, a few times. So I guess I’m sorted there then?

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I struggle to listen to the big artists in anything other than album order. Dunno why, just how my brain works. As a result, I rarely get past anyone’s second or third album.

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Lots of stuff considering music is my main passion in life – Similarly I’ve never listened to a Metallica, Iron Maiden or GnR album – of those I reckon I could get into Metallica but not the others. I’ve also never listened to an entire Nirvana album somehow despite being familiar with all the more famous songs. (I think this comes from a bit of teenage snobiness when I was listening to Godspeed and Slint and Tortoise instead of Nirvana, Rage and Slipknot). I’ve no doubt I’d love them, especially after enjoying the recent BBC documentary but it sort of feels like the ship has sailed.

There’s tons of Jazz artists and albums I’ve never listened to even though my love of Jazz has grown tons over the last few years. I think it comes down to the sheer size of some of their catalogues; I’ve maybe listened to 2 albums a piece by Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

I’ve occasionally tried to dive wholesale into an artist by working my way through an album ranking list by stereogum or whoever. I did this for Miles Davis so listened to about 15 of his albums and I guess it gave a good overview of his different styles/periods.


Can’t actually think of many bands I like where I’ve actually listened to their entire discography to be honest.

Maiden and GnR I reckon are a tall order if you didn’t grow up with them as they are ridiculous.

Metallica’s Ride the Lightening and Master of Puppets (2nd/3rd) are fantastic. Before and after are imo totally unnecessary.

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Master of puppets is probably the best metal album of all time.


Maiden are ridiculous and ridiculously good.
Stick on Number Of The Beast, Powerslave or Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and let yourselves have some fun lads.
What else would yous be doing, listening to another mopey bollocks album?
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Would consider Robyn to be an all time Top-10 artist, never listened to any of the albums pre self titled.

Would love to be better versed in both hip hop (which I’m delving into and loving) and reggae (where the commercial stuff has never really hit me in the right spot but i think dub stuff and whatnot i could definitely get into - was in a pub recently and there was some reggae stuff on and it was tremendous, plus some of the stuff in that episode of small axe about the house party was cracking).

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Think I was still listening to Now compilations when school mates started getting into Maiden tbh.

Just ordered the Small Axe soundtrack. What a brilliant set of films.

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I got into them after Bruce had rejoined so I was probably about 16-17. (2001ish maybe)


This will distract me until my job interview later! What (if anything) is better than MoP?


“So, Mr I, is there anythjng you’d like to ask?”

“Is MoP the best metal album?”


Wire (magazine) is terrible for reminding me of huge gaps in my listening. Their ‘Primers’ expose so much music and so many artists I know nothing about and won’t be able to properly dedicate time to listening to. Can’t listen to it all. Makes me feel good in a way, lots of new potential rabbitholes to go down and music to enjoy.


Reign in blood is a better Thrash album but I don’t think anything tops MoP.

Good luck with the interview.

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A lot of classics prior to sayyyy 1995 ive not listened to. At least enough to truly count