Big Hoops


The bigger the hoop…

The quieter the stoop!

Oh sorry, I should have finished the phrase. The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho. I think it’s about Santa.



Thursday Filth: Big hoop earrings really rev my gears! Sorry

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Those ones are too big though IMO

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Small hoop, large children

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I once had a pack of hula hoops in primary school and i opene

Sorry, got bored


That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever I’m afraid.

The children are near, the hoop is far.

you might describe it as a Big Oops!

I would NEVER do that.

The easier to poop

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I’m too scared to go within about a metre of someone wearing hoop earrings or a noise ring. Always convinced I’m going to accidentally tear them off.

Oh wait this thread got weird bye.

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yeah must be real easy to snag them on something and then rip your ear off your head

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Would you allow me to continue your post but with an anecdote that applies to my primary school experience instead of yours?