Big Internet Outage


Spotify, Discord, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, Rocket League, loads others. All down.


Spotify seems to be working for me, can’t work out how to read this map


Ah yeah.


Take Spotify, Pokemon Go and Rocket League away from me and I have nothing. NOTHING!


Every time something like this happens you have to sit back and wonder just who exactly is still playing Pokemon Go.


Also I’ve literally never heard of Discord.


thought this said discourse for a minute, was bracing myself for the 404 bad error


i can get on discord tho?

is this what bumped me off minecraft twice today?


There are literally dozens of us. (no seriously, $2 million is spent on it every day so it’s still pretty damn active, only hardcore legends allowed though soz)


not the Big Internet!


playing Spotify and posting here whilst playing RL., this really speaks to me


My girlfriend, who never had any interest in Pokémon before it came out, lives for it. Whenever we go along to raids there’s all sorts of people there. It’s actually a really lovely and diverse crowd of people, there really doesn’t seem to be any one demographic emerging.


Big Internet Outage
Digital Attack Map

£5/£4 NUS etc.


Seems to be making a bit of a comeback over here recently


it’s like ebay but for old cds and records