Big Moves


Just interviewed a guy who went for a fist bump when I was showing him out. Big move…

Made any big moves lately?


Did that make you more or less likely to hire him.

Think carefully…


A massive one yesterday morning.


Sorry, misread the thread.


Got my new desk installed at great expense and hassle in the office and have moved it up by approximately 6cm from previous height


There is no way that person was getting either a fist bump or the job…


:smiley: I massively respect that you rejected the bump ngl


Hard to tell which of your main hobbies this is - liquid poos or Netrunner.


Neither. It was extremely solid.


You left him hanging :grinning: You’re ice cold Ant.


Me and my mate bought a place together a while back and one place we looked at the Estate Agent showed us a hatch to the roof and said “you can go up there to smoke weed”.

My mate was wearing a suit and I was just in my usual cool and sexy as fuck attire not in a tied died t-shirt with a cannabis leaf on it.


To answer your question, I’ve started swearing in the office like a Really Cool Guy who doesn’t play by the Rules.

Also my boss does it so it’s fine


Just forced a normal handshake instead. Literally cannot fathom the thought process of someone who makes the choice to go for a fist bump at the end of a job interview.


Ooft so you were fully rock and paper for a few seconds?


I cannot believe you didn’t fist bump him back, no fist bump, no job.


declining a bump is, in itself, a power move


Yeah, it felt like a very long time and I was maintaining eye contact throughout…


You’re such a square, Ant


Sounds like this guy missed out on a proper borefest at square snooze city!


Ant interviewing as well, the man is on a power high right now.