*BIG NEWS!* This sounds shit

What’s the graphene angle with this one?

I have been paid not to reveal that until later.

I’d get too bored

Money aint great either

Not sure on the wanking rules.

Bodily function innit?

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Out of body experience for me (I’m very good).

Oh god I’d love it. Bet I’d be too tall though. They would need subjects that replicate the tiny, weird little men that always end up in space.

that does sound super shit

i’d do it for 100 grand

“fit and sporty males aged 20-45” - That’s me out then, you lost me at “fit”. I’m too old anyway.

How would you go for a shit?

use a hoover

2 months compulsory mucky bed time with expected harm to the cardiovascular system which is unlikely to recover and probably all sorts of crap to your muscular skeletal condition. And they’re only going to pay you 16,000 euros

LOL whatever bruv

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a poo hoover and a wank hoover

username/post interface :thumbsup:

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