Big news


He’ll never come to Mansfield




Sorry goose but it’s time to buzz the tower

Is this an elaborate coded bomb warning

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Im gonna set the alarm 4 tickets - lemme know if u want 1

Well I’ve got news for you pal!!! He only bloody is and all!!!

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they say it’ll take you back to the 80s but they have used the late 90s totp logo.

Shoddy. I will not attend

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When I think of defining images of the 80s I instantly think “fake stubble”

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£5 to anyone who goes and asks “Got any Oasis mate”

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Have you ever been to Mansfield?

  • Yes, and I would love to come again
  • Yes, and I’m never coming again
  • No, but someday I would love to come to Mansfield
  • No! I will NEVER come to Mansfield! YOUR MANSFIELDBLOCKED

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So I started doing some research on this Mansfield claim and thought, a-ha! Gotcha!

But then they specify that they surprised her with a phone call, they didn’t actually go to Mansfield.

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Are you singing this in your head to the tune of “You don’t know what you’re doing” “Boring, boring Arsenal” etc?

Not yet


  • I’d have a good time at Martin Kemp’s 80s themed club night in Mansfield
  • I would not

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