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Not a fan of the craze (it’s definitely a craze) of putting cheese INSIDE everything. Like burgers with cheese INSIDE, or meatballs with cheese INSIDE or other things exactly like burgers and meatballs with cheese INSIDE.
I like cheese, but I don’t want it INSIDE things like this

  • Yes, I completely agree and yes this is a craze!
  • No, I like cheese INSIDE everything
  • Not only do i agree, but I was thinking pretty much exactly the same thing recently due to this out of hand craze!!

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Why would you not want more cheese, why?


But, INSIDE stuff?! Just rest it on the top

What are you, the cheese police?


Can’t say I’ve actually seen this craze for myself. But I’m still not against it.

put the cheese inside *me*


But it removes the option of cheese, like cheese was an option and now it’s happening whether you like it or not. Oh, sure, just buy stuff without cheese inside, sure

If ever there was a battle you weren’t going to win on DiS, this is it.

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I literally abandoned that reply.

@Im_On_Safari Get a different fucking foodstuff then, it’s not like meatballs without cheese inside them have suddenly stopped existing??? ???


Seems like the kind of thing those godawful food blogs that claim they’ve hacked toast or something would do. I’m on I’m On Safari’s side here.

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We don’t agree on a lot labberz but you’ve nailed this one.


But these were like reduced to 50p from £4 at M&S, I’m not made of stone! Probably reduced because everyone’s like “what, I don’t want cheese inside my fucking burger?!”

Stealth cheese! What’s not to like?!


Frankly I don’t give edam.


I remember this being A Thing about 250 years ago. They put really runny, weird plastic cheese in frozen burgers. It was fucking horrible.
They probably use normal cheese now and it might be vaguely ok I s’pose, but nonetheless I am in agreement due to mild childhood trauma.

its bollocks, mate, fucking bollocks.

this trend is at least mild enough that you can go about your daily business largely unperturbed by it, unlike, say, craft beer, or road cyclists who are dressed for the tour de france

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Just more options innit?

I’m sure you can still get a plain burger or whatever.

Sorry for the boring old man response.

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easy now son, remember where you are.


Shurrup cheddars

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