BIG opinion

Pretty sure if anyone liked those things they’d have mentioned it by now, think we’re safe

Alright, laelfing co… No, that sounds wrong.

Yeah, but if you think about it, some non cheese inside option must have died off to leave space on the shelf for the cheese INSIDE option…If we don’t take a stand now, where will it end? With a cheese INSIDE aisle, that’s where? @rich-t what is m&s end game here? I want answers

guess I’m just a typical remoaner :frowning:


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jesus, how old are you?

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By my ken Jesus would be what, about 2020 odd?


Neck & neck!
My followers are real and they are strong, strongly opposed to cheese INSIDE!!1

The spelling of inside is beginning to look weird to me now

I don’t really care about cheese so I’m happy to have my burgers and meatballs filled with burger and meatball respectively.

Thanks in advance for all of the indie points.

Why did I laugh at that :smiley:

It’s the latest lifestyle option. Gluten free is on the way out and cheese inside is on the way in

How many alt accounts did you have to sign in to do that?

Also, the vegan votes don’t count.

You think they’re not putting vegan cheese INSIDE things?

Oh ffs. Right, you might’ve swayed me now.

Yeah, this is a right pain in the intestines for me.

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Stealth cheese in a sandwich is the reason why I once did a two hour teleconference from a hotel toilet, with some very selective muting.

“You’re sounding a bit echoey.”
“Sorry, bad conSPLATTERhnnghnection on my end.”

I am renowned for eating a lot of cheese, but yeah, I don’t like an overabundance of the stuff kind of being stuffed inside other foods.

I mainly voted for the third option because I was delighted by the wording though tbh

Cheese in all forms is bad and unneeded