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Do you do a big weekly shop or just get what you need when you need it?

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Interesting netherlands fact alert: Supermarkets here are very small and there are lots of them. Confused me a bit and found it annoying that they’d often only have one of the thing you wanted to buy. Someone explained that’s because everyone cycles here so people only buy what they can carry on their bike, so pretty much go every day. :exploding_head:

Yeah, the UK has many more out of town supermarkets where you have to drive, and where bulk-buying big shops have become the norm.

There’s lots of research showing that active travel-centred retail encourages more frequent trips and higher spending.

Big shop once a fortnight or more to stock up on freezer stuff and non-perishables. Small and often, otherwise

We get a weekly delivery, so don’t actually go to the shop at all.

Love the big shop.

Go on my own, potter around Aldiz then Sainos for a bit: pausing to check out new trends in the spice aisle… lovely stuff.


I’ve big shop mentality but then when I go I only do a small shop. I think I’ve got everything I need for the rest of the year that isn’t asparagus and chicken and lettuce and a tin of something red.

chill out bjork


One thing I miss about London is having easy access to a big supermarket. My last place there was about five minutes from one, and two others were within twenty minutes.

There’s one not too far from my flat here (still in walking distance) but I only tend to go once every two weeks or so, and just supplement with stuff from the middling sized one in the city centre.

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The Ocado man comes on a Sunday night.

Might nip out to get a few things later in the week, at least just to get a few bits of fruit for work.

This book was featured in the i yesterday:

There’s something about this bloke that arouses suspicion.

We tend to do a big fortnightly shop based around a meal planner, but obviously you can’t buy a fortnight’s worth of milk in one trip.

Once a month big shop, get fresh stuff as needed

That’ll be the Joe Wicks endorsement.


Most of my shopping is sourced from specialist suppliers, so the concept of a big shop is alien to me.

But everything goes in the trolley right, no carrying? Otherwise you wouldn’t have such twiggy arms

he’s called Ian Haste for starters, which sounds like a pun in a childrens joke book:

‘Fast Food by Ian Haste’

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Like greengrocer, butcher etc? Or more niche than that

And having a blast while you do!

I carry the hopes of my family

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They must be lightweight hopes

Caviar supplier, separate blini supplier, etc