Big Shop

No point in a big shop when you live in a place with shops open late


And don’t mind spending £3 on a small bag of rice.

I mean proper shops

not in Spain or the UK.

UK - trudge to tesco express 30 seconds from my house and buy what I needed for dinner every night.

Spain - tend to shop more at grocers/butchers etc because of ease really. hypermarkets aren’t a big thing and neither is home delivery (although that’s changing).

Or even an entire torso one.


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This makes you sound like a serial killer

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Ocado every fortnight, piss money up the wall at the Co-op round the corner to fill in the inevitable gaps.

No butcher, obviously.

Pretty niche. Different shops for British cheese, French cheese, Italian cheese, etc. Similar for wine. Cherries from one supplier, strawberries from a different one. A market stall that is very good for tomatoes and peppers, when in season, but not much else. There are two choices for butter, one of which has my preference, but that one doesn’t always turn up. Always eggs from the same guy. Bread: it depends what I’m looking for. Etc, etc.

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That’s a potw for me @AQOS


Wish I could bottle this post and buy enough of it to fill a bath and bathe in its sweet, sweet decadence.


also if i do a big shop, I tend to just eat everything quickly and then go moderately hungry for a few days.

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Big tezzas trip every couple of weeks. Pop to Lidl every second day pretty much. Got about a dozen small supermarkets within a 5 minute walk so it’s pretty easy to just buy what you need.

Not on delivery book - I want to see what’s available/on offer/ be able to pick things up and look at them. Don’t trust a random to pick my avocados.

Could only really imagine doing a big shop for cleaning products and bin bags etc, household goods
But even then think i’d only need about 3 a year

I have this about 300m from me. I use none of them.


early qotsa lyrics blah blah

most crowded bit of a shop, the bloody avocado squeezing queue

fucking love a good avocado squeeze though

Don’t even buy one

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Can’t believe how accurate this ended up being.

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