Big sleep wednesday

Had a big old sleep. Barely woke up in the night. Unprecedented.


Lots to do today and going out tonight with a massive group of dorks :star_struck::two_hearts:


Morning. Slept okay. Plans

  • do the school run
  • get my hair cut
  • WFH in the morning
  • travelling to Breckland (10 points for anyone who can identify where this is) to flog my wares
  • evening plans are cancelled so might actually get to sit on the sofa and watch Seinfeld
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I had less of a big sleep because the owls decided to do some 1am hooting, which of course set off the dog :roll_eyes: i was enjoying listening to them ffs!

Now I’m on my way to London for a couple of days yay



Would’ve liked a slightly bigger sleep but dog wanted to get up.

No milk for porridge or butter for toast, so no breakfast and a trip to the shops required in a bit.

Had planned to go for a bike ride for a coupla hours but my neck is still a bit sore, so might leave that til tomorrow.

Thetford and that, innit?


Had a decent nights sleep too


Well done big sleepers!

I am up early and currently listening to the shipping news (band not actual shipping news) while drinking coffee. These are good things.
After that I’ll be heading out for some work in the freezing cold, but that’s ok as need work.
Ordered a new guitar pedal, which should arrive.
Sounds like a good day to me.



No big sleep for me unfortunately due to teething baby. :pensive: Wanted a good sleep as well as did my first “Keeping In Touch” day at work yday and I was shattered. Still not feeling too bad this morning, nap trapped but as soon as im free I’ll get coffee and breakfast downstairs.

Today the weather looks dry so hoping to wrap up warm and go for a walk. Will pop down my Mums too, maybe a Lidl visit on my way back cause why not.

Had a big sleep. Still lying in bed with a coffee in fact


No big sleep. On the 7am train to big London. Had a coffee and a porridge, but also still got the sensation that the tablets i took first thing are stuck in my throat. Most uncomfortable.

Yesterday was v stressful and it wiped me out. Not sure I’m ready for a day in London, where I’ll get home approx 16 hours after i left it.

Commiserations to the none big sleepers :frowning:


8hrs ish? :+1:

Used what little milk there was for a cup of tea and then forgot to drink it :no_mouth:


Morning Kids,

Average sleep for me - my alarm went off at 6.30, but it was solid enough before then. All day meeting in the office today, tempered by going out to a gig tonight

Feels like conditions are about right for my favourite dad joke:
What’s the temperature in Motown?
Three Degrees, Four Tops


The suns starting to come up and shine through the bedroom curtains so thats nice.

Feels like -9 today. Oof.

I’m packing for a trip to Brazil today which is weird given the amount of icy frost on the trees.

I love the light in my flat in winter - I’m in s strange postiion so in summer I get a sliver of light that just hits the fireplace in my living room at about 6pm. But in winter for hours in the morning I get sun in my bedroom <3


Also had a monster sleep, and still very much cba

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Same. Feel no more rested or motivated :woman_shrugging:

Here’s an old photo of two of my rats sleeping in my hat

Fao @shrewbie