Big Thief are, by a distance, the finest band in the world

Nice one.
Think I lost track of them before then.
You know who was good on Saddle Creek too? Willy Mason.

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Guys GBV are still going guys remember

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And indeed many, many other bands :smiley:

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And all of them are Bob pseudonyms

As if King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard isn’t one of his

I mean I’m not saying you’re wrong but ‘Boygenius’?

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i think people here think it’s aretha franklin


It’s actually whoever I’m listening to right now and really really digging.


it’s probably oh sees btw

I’ve never expressed an opinion about The Big Thiefs or heard them before, should I?

Thread for when @Severed799 is at it again

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That’s very flattering but as a rule I try not be very at it.

True, it’s only in Big Thief threads.

I have no idea what you are talking about

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This is almost why I think they’re the best band going.

I rinsed a lot of saddle creek style indie folk more than a decade ago until I ended up heartily sick of the entire genre. Nothing in this style has done anything for me for years. Big Thief are so good that even though they play a moribund genre I’m fed up with, I still love them!

Also it’s fine to be a naysayer, I was! I slid off their first two records because they really do take time to sink in. If I hadn’t given UFOF a fourth spin, I’d be on the “why is everyone losing their shit over this boring band?” side of the fence.

They’re nice. I like listening to them. But I expect the best band in the world to envoke more in me. So quite frankly you’re wrong

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Would never have persevered with UFOF if not for people on the music board singing its praises. Would have missed out on a lot of the music I love if not for this board.


People who’ve not seen Lenker play live might have no idea how great a guitarist she is. Best i’ve ever seen in the flesh. Like watching Bert Jansch play.

Also, a completely unique vocalist, unquestionably, and a brilliant lyricist.