Big Time Rock Stars We Don't Hate


I had a chance to interview her…anyway,…I like Tori Amos

I did this thread once before. (No, I’m not completely out of ideas, not yet.) I mentioned Fiona Apple and took some shit for Dave Matthews. But I’m telling ya, he can play the hell out of a guitar.

There’s one Rihanna song that I like, but never mind, Janelle Monae is way better, I’m getting off track. As I do.

Tori Amos - Heart of Gold


Springsteen is the answer…


Ed Milliband


The nicest guy in rock Paul Scholes




Josh Homme?


Nah, was being a proper dickhead again this week


No-one really hates Slash


When I think of big time rock star Tori Amos is the first to my mind as well


Is Charlie Watts a BTRS? I love that story about him referring to Mick Jagger as HIS singer.


Henry Rollins


Neil Young
Robert Smith always seemed like a good lad
did anyone from Kiss ever do anything reprehensible?


Neil Young’s a fucking grouchy old bastard, but he’s OUR bastard.


Yeah Gene Simmons did Rock School


Why, what did he do?


Dave Grolsch?


Nah fuck him.


Yeah, fair enough.


There’s nothing at all negative that any reasonable person could possibly ever say about Patti Smith.


Billy Idol