Big Train is 20!



And the one I was looking for when I found that last one. In the days before Chris Grayling when stupid Transport secretaries were amusing.


Just remembered my Mark Heap anecdote and feel I need to share it (possibly again)
When I was working in a pub in Bath, Mark Heap lived around the corner. The pub sold mini kegs and gift packs etc and he came in one day to reserve some to pick up later. Obviously I didn’t need to ask for a name to leave on the parcels so I wrote ‘Mr Lizard’. When he came to collect them he saw it and sighed happily and said ‘ahh Mr Lizard, that’s a nice change. Everyone always says Brian’. He then got his young daughter to try and lift a keg, saying ‘go onnnn lift ittttt’ in that creepy time he has. Used to see him in M&S too buying Percy Pigs.


love mark heap so much