Biggest career turn around

:woman_facepalming: Didn’t like them at first, but now… eats hat - Which band have you had the biggest turn around with?

The Horrors are mine. Couldn’t be doing with them at first and then totally got on board from Sea Within A Sea.

Wasn’t nuts on The National pre-Boxer - still not nuts on that stuff tbh tbf.

La Roux for me. That second album is an all timer but the debut is a bit wank

(Although sadly it bombed so not got my hopes up for a third)

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I can think of a number of bands where I like their later stuff but not their early stuff, so I’m not sure if that really counts.

But, while I feel kind of ridiculous for bringing it up, the band that made the biggest turnaround for me was probably Radiohead. They were just another band I remembered from MTV commercials during airings of Beavis and Butthead, but then one day I saw the Paranoid Android video and that was that. It really felt like it came out of nowhere, I wish I could experience that again.

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Scott Walker


Queens of the Stone Age after I heard “The Lost Art…” on the radio and realised that the guitar solo to No-One KnowS and Era Vulgaris we’re not really representative of their catalogue

Grizzly Bear having dismissed Veckatimest but being won over but a fabulous set at Primavera Porto 2013 just before Blur

Animal Collective once I realised that “My Girls” picks up considerably after the first minute or so

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’ll think of in due course

Alligator is vastly superior to Boxer in my honest IMHO bruv. Here we go again…!


The Beatles

Irritating cover band to one of the most influential bands of all time

Laura Marling. Decided i didn’t like her for some reason, ignored her for years, then picked up Semper Femina as i happened to be in a record shop and really wanted to buy something, and completely loved it.

I’m not sure if this counts given how quickly the turnaround happened, but I’ll throw in the Hotelier. I read the positive Pitchfork review very quickly (I might have even just seen the high number) and put it in - after two seconds of stereotypically emo vocals, I quickly shut it off and decided it wasn’t for me. I’m not sure why I returned to it a few weeks later, but I quickly found that once I got past those first two seconds I had an album of the decade candidate on my hands. “Dendron” is one of the all-time great album closers.


More votes here for The Beatles and Radiohead.

Also - technically does not quite qualify but - I thought most of Wham!'s output was completely forgettable, but came to like George Michael as a solo artist quite a lot.

@plasticniki to thread!

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Before opening the thread i thought of The Horrors. Cramps knockoffs on the first LP then out of nowhere put Primary Colours out. For me the stuff since had been throwaway, so maybe it was just a case of Barrow working his magic, but i remember refusing to believe it was them when it came out.

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No. No, it isn’t.

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Well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man

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Lotsa chat about this on our Facebook too

The first time I saw Field Music, supporting The Futureheads, I thought they were unforgivably dull.

I now travel long distances to see them. I have never been more wrong about anything in my life.

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I’d heard some good things about Autechre and looked them up on Spotify before most of their catalogue had been made available. All I heard some utter crap that seemed purposefully abrasive to my ears. I then spent the next couple of years stating how unlistenable they were any time they were mentioned.
I was then at a friend’s one evening, a little worse for wear, when an utterly amazing electronic track came on. Turns out it was Rotar.
It was a wonderful few months becoming utterly obsessed by Tri Repetae.

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Arctic Monkeys. Probably more to do with me being a snobby student at the time as opposed to their music being bad - although musically they improved a hell of lot since the debut.