Biggest lie you've ever told to get out of a sticky situation?....

How deep did you dig that hole?

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Just… didn’t go into work for a week. Hated it so much. So told them I’d really hurt my foot and couldn’t walk.

Suddenly occurred to me on the morning of going back that I was gonna have to limp. Problem is, I’m so easily distracted I knew that I’d get up to make a coffee or something and forget I was supposed to be limping. Realised I was going to have to actually hurt myself to pull this one off so I picked up my sofa and slammed one of the legs down onto my foot. Good GOD did it hurt.

Limped my way in and my fake but now real injury was so bad I actually got sent home again so I regret nothing and would do it again


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Beautiful :laughing::+1:

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“I didn’t murder him and that puddle of water is nothing to do with me. I don’t even like saunas”

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Kermit you are an inspiration