Biggest pet peeve in music

For people who listen to music:

  • Agree with the “I lasted 10 seconds” thing 100%. So infuriating.
  • “Pffff, they’re still around? It’s 2017.” Believe it or not bands can continue making music past the last time you heard them. I’ve even gotten this with Radiohead.
  • “There’s been no good music since ____.” (usually filled with “1991”, “Appetite for Destruction”, or “The 70s”)
  • When older generations say “music doesn’t sound like music” anymore
  • When older generations complain that music doesn’t take a political stance anymore, and cite Bob Dylan vs. Justin Bieber as all-encompassing evidence
  • When older generations complain that no one writes meaningful lyrics these days
  • “Who? I’ve never heard of them, how good can they be? They suck.” Nothing’s more infuriating than people somehow linking the quality of something to if they’ve heard it. I got this one with both Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age.
  • When people call a band washed up because they’ve decided to challenge themselves or evolve, rather than rewriting watered down versions of their old singles.
  • When people consider taking advantage of an increased budget selling out (Relationship of Command, Moon and Antarctica, etc.)
  • “Ten is the only good Pearl Jam album, I never even listened to the others.”

For bands:

  • Spoken word interludes
  • Recorded phone call interludes (there is nothing worse than this)
  • Affected vocals
  • Vocals suddenly delivered with fake laughter
  • Humor (doesn’t apply to Mclusky or FOTL)
  • Trying to be either “dark” or “mature” by combining drinking and religious imagery. No one needs to hear about sins or souls or whiskey anymore.

this is a stupid list.


People saying two unrelated bands sound alike because they both have female members. See also people saying HO99O9 sound like Bad Brains.

people who use “songtitle - artist” formatting.


People wetting themselves over the prospect of some band from the 70s/80s/90s reforming and touring. I don’t want to pay over inflated prices to see a load of middle aged men (and the odd woman) plod through a greatest hits set in order to top up their pension plans.

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Songs fading out. Write an ending ffs.



What’s wrong with other people doing that, though?

And why shouldn’t these older bands do what they do for a living?


I agree entirely. Except with Jane Doe where the fadeout works

and any meshuggah song

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  • I don’t anyway - even if I did like them the first time round.

  • Nothing wrong, it’s the over excited dribbling that somehow or other four middle aged blokes with expanding waistlines are somehow going to recapture the vitality of their youth. And don’t get me started on accompanying comeback records - only a very small percentage are ever the quality of their previous recordings.

  • I differentiate between those who have continued recording and touring over the years to those who decide to regroup for one last pay packet. I may not like the stuff the former do but they get far more respect than the latter.

People saying that Led Zeppelin are a heavy metal band

People being weirdly snobby about mainstream music and people who only listen to it, but then have commercial tastes elsewhere and don’t realise the irony in doing so. You know, people who say “oh those dickheads who listen only to radio 1, how do they not know it’s commercialised lowest common denominator bullshit, I’d totally never listen to Rhianna” then follow up with “so how about we go to Maccy D’s? I love me a big Mac I do”

Not the ‘biggest’ peeve, but when a band announce a tour on Facebook/Twitter etc, invariably the first comment will be: ‘What about Brighton / Nottingham / Bristol’.
If they play there, they’ll announce it won’t they?


I think I forgot my biggest one - people’s unwillingness to accept that a band influenced by an older band can be the (much) better of the two. In music criticism there’s way too much weight placed on time in history. There are so many albums that if they were released two to four decades earlier, people would be holding them up as all-time classics rather than ignoring them or speaking of them dismissively.

Along similar lines, “Band X is just a Band Y ripoff” statements are the worst. Nirvana is just a Pixies ripoff, Modest Mouse is just a Pixies ripoff (completely nonsensical), Radiohead is just a Pink Floyd ripoff, Parquet Courts are just a Pavement ripoff, Smashing Pumpkins are just an MBV ripoff (the most ludicrous one of all), Nothing is just an MBV ripoff, Elliott Smith is just a Beatles ripoff, etc. Not only are they almost always wrong, to me it almost always reads like, “I know about the Pixies and MBV, and I want you to know this about me.”


I might have missed this peeve somewhere else in the thread. It’s an oldie.

Talking during songs at gigs. Before or between the songs? Go ahead. Even sharing a few thoughts during the song about how awesome/shit the song is? Do it. But endless conversation throughout? No, thanks.

Like other people around me, I didn’t pay £x to be distracted from music I like by your tedious waffle.

Rant over.


People shamelessly plugging their own stuff on these forums really gets my goat…

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Sorry for the above! Seriously though, when I’m looking for bands on social networks and they don’t have a link to their bandcamp / soundcloud / etc, in their bio really annoys me! I don’t understand why a band wouldn’t have their music just a click away at all times??

And people filming on their mobiles! Somebody standing behind me actually once asked me to film the gig with his phone because I was closer!

No, that didn’t happen surely?! Hopefully this charmer had a drink to wash down the small pieces of mobile phone!

Why ever listen to the studio albums again, when you’ve got this shaky, distorted footage, partially covered by waving arms, to enjoy again and again?

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good point though I don’t think radio 1 and McDonalds are that comparable.