Biggest Supermarket you've been in

It’s finally here, the thread you’ve been waiting for

Was in the massive Tesco at Silverburn the other day and was thinking this must be the biggest supermarket Ive been in.

Did go in Walmart or something in America once but cant remember how big it was.

Big Tesco, probably Big Asda.

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Maybe one of those big French ones like carrefore or something

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Think it was a Carrefour in Brittany. Bafflingly big place. Honourable mention to the Asda at Cribbs Causeway too.

Probably one of the ones that has 2 floors, nobody needs that.


Don’t you love going on the travelator? I know I do.


You were on gladiators??? Wow!

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Anyone got #stats? My entry, the Edinburgh ASDA supercentre, seems to be 52.000 square feet

Probably Bar Hill Tesco


Remember the first time I went in a Tesco Extra, the one at Kingston Park in Newcastle, was genuinely a bit awestruck. There was a whole aisle dedicated to Coca Cola and Diet Coke, just a wall of brown drink, completely overwhelming, I was too excited to buy anything, had to leave.


not sure

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Yes. Here I am with my trolley. Wolf just out of shot.


Would watch a cross between Gladiators and Supermarket Sweep tbh



i had a google, found an article from 2010 about a proposed 15,000 sq foot Tesco in Carryduff that would be ‘a quarter of the size of the Newtonbreda store’, therefore the Newtonbreda Tesco which is the biggest one i can remember being in must be 60,000 sq feet.


Tesco Extra Silverburn, Glasgow

Store manager : Mark Whittet

Size : 100,000 sq ft

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The Cribbs Causeway Asda is a mighty 93,000 sq ft according to Wikipedia. Apparently the one in Bletchley is 120,000 sq ft.

that’s too many sq ft tbqh

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That Tesco near Old Trafford

Massive Asda Supercentre in Huyton village that has a Greggs in it

The biggest in the country is (I think) the one in Walkden in Manchester, at over 180,000sqft