Biggie Smalls - Ready To Die (Full Album 1994)

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Either you’ve used a setting I’ve not seen or the site is being odd:

I added the youtube link to the title box.
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I guess not! Just interesting how it makes it look. Basically I was about to ask if you’d forgotten the main content…

what is your intention with this thread? general chat about this alb?

If so, then ok, here’s my top ten track ranking:

  1. Everyday Struggle
  2. Juicy
  3. The What
  4. Gimme the Loot
  5. Suicidal Thoughts
  6. Who Shot Ya
  7. Big Poppa
  8. Things Done Changed
  9. Warning
  10. One More Chance (wish it had a lil kim verse tho)
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Hell of an LP that, Mick

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I think most days I would say that I like his next one better. But it’s close.

Today, I disagree w myself tho.

Obviously a classic, but I could lose a few tracks on here if I’m really gonna nitpick. It’s rare I still sit and listen to the whole thing, like I do with other albums from that year. Swap out those interludes, Respect, Friend of Mine and One More Chance - for his best track and then you’re talking…

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As a complete album, this is better but if I could keep only one, it’d be Life After Death. Thems the breaks.

Life After Death had so much filler on there. I remember buying that double CD and being so disappointed - The Lox, Lil Kim, Mase, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Puffy rapping… Oh man. That pretty much marked the start of the rap doldrums for me until I starting buying obscure Wu Tang B-team 12"s and weird backpack stuff a couple of years later.

Shoulda swapped the og One More Chance for the remix too. P&BS is awesome.

It was def a crossroads for rap fandom.

Do wonder what his successive albums, and legacy, would have been like had he not been killed.

Listened to this on Monday in the car, would ya believe?! Permanent fixture in my top 10 hip hop albums.