Bike Folk (do you know how hard it was not to type twats?) - help needed for children's bike

My mother (against my fucking wishes) bought my son a bike a while back. We had gone toddle bike, balance bike and then when we removed the stabilisers from this he could ride within 15 minutes. It works.

But he’s not really interested in riding it anymore because it is heavy as fuck, shit on grass, pretty crap on gravelly stuff and tough up hills.

He’s a tall five year old, would like it to last him a while, don’t mind spending a bit of cash… what should I get him?

Frog bike? Is that a thing. I heard someone say it once.



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not quite

Frog bikes are also good and possibly better value




Harley Davidson

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Not sure the bike lot on here know anything about bikes, they just seem to talk about lycra and hats. try

but yeah considering you can get an alright adults bike for the same cash, the prices are silly

as @grievoustim says, frog might be better (I just had a look, they are much cheaper and a bit lighter)

Yeah I was thinking £250ish

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu look at this baby track bike

Toe clips though, Balonz jr. Will be mocked in the velodrome

obvs you replace them with baby’s pedal of choice

What you trying to pull here?


Also on the Frog website it says buy it from a shop so that the engineers and shit can do whatever shit they do.

So I can’t just have it delivered?


(If you get it delivered you’ll just need to straighten handlebars, put saddle and pedals on, that’s it I expect)

I can do that.


Mother fuckers!

There is one on my way to work… by the look of it.

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Can’t believe they don’t set up the gears! Outrageous.