Bike Folk (do you know how hard it was not to type twats?) - help needed for children's bike

Also, I wouldn’t say this is true as they are pretty fucking expensive and out of a lot of parents’ budget:



we got a carrera cosmos 14 for our (nearly) 4 year old. It’s really really nice and very similar to an islabike but cheaper. maybe worth having a look at the 16 cosmos. the range gets really good reviews on bike forumns.

That looks decent and nice and light but I think it would be too small or at least too small very soon and they don’t seem to have a bigger size.

Hang about, next size up is called a Luna.

How tall is your five year old?

I’ve read good things about this too but couldn’t for the life of me remember which brand / model it was.

Think he is just shy of 120cm. He just lost his first tooth and he’s barely 5. He’s going to be a man aged 9. Probably start smashing me in.


Well done on creating such a fine physical specimen.

If you are interested I went to school today to have lunch with him and he was towering over most of the others.

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What did you have for lunch though?

I had Quorn fillet, roast potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Fruit for dessert (he took all the choice pieces). £2.70 it cost me.

Have a frog bike for my 5 year old. Would recommend. But get the shop to put it together. Less hassle than delivery, plus you could get y’kid down to the shop to try it out before you buy? Then no self assembly… win win. That’s an advantage over Isla bikes who are online only (unless you go to their workshop or buy second hand)

You can’t put a price on that sort of bonding time though eh

Max’s folks couldn’t make it so he sat with us too.

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What’s Max’s deal?

Hope you made fun of him for this.


He’s got a bit of a haircut but seems ok. Told my son that the cookie monster was babyish which I’m not happy about.

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Yeah, I get a (partial) bonus next month so guess I will go in for this. 55 Hybrid is looking likely.

What do you mean by “he’s got a bit of a haircut?”

(This is nice isn’t it, been a while since we got a chance to chat)

Should’ve started whispering “Maximus… Maximus… Maximus…” at him.

This would only really work if he’s familiar with the film Gladiator though, if not he’ll probably just seek assistance from another adult.

It’s a delight!

Like he gets it cut every couple of weeks and it is combed over and gelled down. Bit much for a five year old. His dad is bald.

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