Bike people and regent's park people

Is there a loop around regent’s park that cyclists treat as a time trial route? I just ask because it always seems like there’s someone on a bike in full lycra bombing somewhere around regent’s park.

Also: gosling report: I think one of them might’ve gone :frowning: I made sure I fed the other three as best I could.


“regents park laps”

do people talk about it and share their times on strava or bike radar or something?

I’ve not done it myself because I dislike crossing London by bike and getting there would require me to do so. This is a nice piece on it:

Anti-clockwise Strava segment is here:

ahhh i see

Shame about the goslings though.

Same in Battersea Park and Victoria Park, too.

I think it’s fine in the early morning when it’s quiet, but a little irresponsible during the afternoon at a weekend, when there are lots of kids about.

they use the outer circle road as a lap in Regents Park?

No, in Battersea and Victoria Parks.

yeah I have to admit I am not a fan of park laps

even Richmond Park tests my patience a bit

I suppose they must cycle through at least one section of the park at Battersea. It’s no so bad around Regent’s park because as niki says they take road (although I can’t help but feel some of them are more interested in PBs). Anyway, I’m more interested in goslings than kids (I’ll be angry if a cyclist has killed on of them).