Bike sharing schemes

Not going well, are they?

Depends where you live


Was never going to work was it? Maybe in small degrees in really metropolitan cities, but…

Seen more in canals than with people on.

Bikes are really cheap, aren’t they (unless you’re a Tory). Must have five in the garage.

anti social behaviour in Manchester City centre is completely out of control at the minute

Seemed really naive to tell someone from Manchester or Salford that something’s unstealable.

Manchester could be the first world city abandoned by bike-sharing behemoth Mobike on the grounds of persistent vandalism and theft

As shit as this is, can’t help but feel slightly proud

i see loads of those yellow ones (ovo?) abandoned on my commute. usually have a buckled wheel or pedals missing or something. piles of shite.

also apparently they’re quite easy to nick.

Doesn’t help that Manchester is sold to the Chinese as some sort of utopia so that the new build flats are desirable investments

It goes a bit deeper than vandalism and theft. The whole financial model (data-scraping and selling) is starting to fall apart.

6 Million (Abandoned) Bicycles In Beijing


Looks like the wheels are starting to fall off

We’ve got these bad boys down in Southampton. Only ever see one a day being used.

I imagine this will cause plans for further roll outs to be derailleured


Manchester’s not a very bike-friendly city, imho. Maybe big cities aren’t in general, but i get the impression the roads are particularly poorly planned here and not maintained very well.

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I know, that’s why I drive a car etc.

Never seen anyone on the bath or Bristol ones. Always look a bit cumbersome etc

I wouldn’t say Brighton was that Bike Friendly, given how hilly it is, but you see loads of people out and about on the turquoise bikes we have here.

There’s loads of these in Oxford. 4 different companies operating at the moment, one of which has 2,000 bikes currently in operation. Because of the number of these bikes the council have had to remove quite a few existing bike racks, meaning that cyclists like myself now have even fewer secure places to lock up our bikes. Bike theft is quite a big problem here too. Can’t wait for these schemes to fail and ultimately fuck off for good


Dead impressed with the bike lane setup in some parts though. The bike lane/pedestrianised bits around the A56/57 interchange bit are excellent.

More yuppies, more bikes. Pretty simple, innit.

how DARE you

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