Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin and all things Kathleen Hanna


A discussion thread.

Anyone seeing The Julie Ruin on Friday? Anyone a fan of her and her bands?

I never got to see Bikini Kill live but saw Le Tigre a few times and The Julie Ruin last year. Always great fun live. It’s great to have her back. One of the most underrated artists of recent times. If you haven’t heard of her or any of her bands do check them out. The Punk Singer, a music documentary on her is one of the best music documentaries in years too. Definitely worth watching. I see that recent setlist have included Rebel Girl. I’m hoping for that on Friday night.


The Julie Ruin albums are both great. Really liked the documentary about her as well.


enjoyed the first album and the last show at electric ballroom, new album is kind of just more of the same. show on friday should be fun though.


Pussy Whipped and Reject All American are both absolute classics! Only just started listening to the Julie Ruin albums over the last couple of months but I’ve been enjoying them immensely. Glad I managed to get tickets for Friday’s show.

That opening footage of her spoken word performance in The Punk Singer is jaw dropping! A total inspiration.


It’s at Koko, so no.

Yes: Bikini Kill> Le Tigre > The Julie Ruin (seen them all live)


The Koko is an appalling venue. Anywhere else would be better. Looking forward to it nonetheless.


got a spare ticket for tonight if anyone wants it for free


I actually think Hit Reset is the best thing she has ever done, which I know is a bold claim but I’m still making it, ha! Although I’ll probably change my mind the next time I listen to Feminist Sweepstakes.


Didn’t get into the newest album so didn’t see them, were great when I’ve seen them before. Live footage of bikini kill is incredible