Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin and all things Kathleen Hanna

Didn’t know about it, will have to look it up now

Still can’t believe I actually saw Bikini Kill :smiley:


I like the Academy too - it’s just rare that a band I like actually plays there these days.

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I believe downstairs is sold out but there’s still plenty upstairs/a few people with spares for downstairs on facebook

The Roundhouse has certainly hoovered up a lot of gigs that would previously have been at The Academy.

That said, Shed Seven (with added Twang) playing not one but two Academy dates later this year :grinning:

Great band, and their genuine excitement at this support slot has been contageous.


I’ve heard the Big Joanie LP on Spotify from when they played a few weeks ago - this is a huge gig for them, good work

Top tip - If you know two people with standing tickets at Brixton Academy you can buy an upstairs ticket and just borrow one of their stubs to be let in downstairs


I recall the venue tried to implement wristbands for a while to stop people doing that, but I guess it proved too much effort.

First time I went to Brixton Academy (1991, only been three times!) I was a child, and a guy hung off the balcony and dropped down to get into standing. It was nuts.

I was stupidly young and everything about the night blew my mind. I guess people don’t do that sort of thing anymore?

Anyone here tonight? There’s isn’t security checking whether you’ve a downstairs or upstairs ticket. Definitely looks like far less people here downstairs than yesterday.

I enjoyed the second night far more. I’m an old man and like hanging back at the back with a pint for sold out shows usually. Tonight wasn’t sold out, nicely busy but still meant that I could slip near the front towards the side for a really good view. The sound was far better tonight too.

Brilliant shows. Never thought, having started this thread, that we’d be posting here about having seen a reformed Bikini Kill play gigs.


That was fun. Sound dreadful for the first few songs but improved significantly, and the pit was intense but generally very good natured.


Really enjoyed! Thought they were great, realised what a one of a kind voice Kathleen Hanna has seeing it live.

Was a really lovely mixed crowd too, so used to gigs being full of middle aged men (not that there’s anything wrong with that, and probably says more about my taste than theirs) but to see such a diverse crowd in terms of age/sex/gender was cool.

Kathleen implied there would be more tours in future. We’ll see I guess!


Another brilliant photo. Your photos last night were stunning too.

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They could make a killing doing festivals next year so it’s nice that these shows went well.


Also good to see Kathleen’s health on the mend (?)

Just watched The Punk Singer, great documentary!


Yusss, Glasgow 31st July! I knew moving here was a good decision

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I’ve just confirmed a reduction in hours with my work so I can start an expensive college course, thus starting a new chapter in my life where all non-essential purchases have to be seriously considered. But fuuuuccckkk, I am so buying tickets to this.