Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin and all things Kathleen Hanna

That doesn’t even make sense, she has one sentence where she mentions their song Girls and then she says she got to know Adam Horovitz, realised he was a good person who had acknowledged his error with early songs like that and she fell in love with him. Your housemate was clearly weird.






!! O2 presale starts tomorrow at 10am.

Only gig in Europe according to the FB event

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Jawbreaker then BIkini Kill at Brixton Academy… what year is this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Really like Brixton academy, all the early gigs I went to were there, rare I like a band big enough to play there nowadays so am quite excited


How comes?

Argh need to find someone with O2 priority discount :grimacing:


Ooof, £40 :frowning:

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£7 fees each ticket in the pre sale FFS (did it anyway urgh)

Yeah. Mine cost £43.

No one I know has o2 priority :sob:

Just got four tickets :sunglasses:

Now bankrupt :grimacing:

When punk bands have mortgages to pay pt. 373876

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I can get you one if you want?

how do people reckon they will do at brixton, I know they sold out all there american shows instantly, but I kind of think there core market will be the same people who would see the julie ruin, who played much smaller venues, the reformation hype will of course help but brixton is such a step up capacity wise

I got mine via mate’s presale as I’m a big fan and didn’t want to take the chance.

I don’t think it’ll sell out and definitely not quickly. I saw The Julie Ruin at The Electric Ballroom and The Koko relatively recently and Le Tigre many years ago. If you’re a fan you’ll see her no matter which band she’s in. I can’t see many people being put off that it was The Julie Ruin/Le Tigre and similarly can’t see a huge bunch of people who’d only see her if she was in Bikini Kill.

Having said that, that looks like their only UK date and not a UK tour. Many people may come over to that there London for it.

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Yeah, I think they’ll sell it out. They’re a big name – they have a bunch of fans from back in the day who’d kill to see them and if this is the only UK show they’ll get people travelling for it.

They’ve been namechecked in pretty much every single piece on feminism and women in music over the past few years, as well as in documentaries and stuff. They’ll have picked up a lot of new fans while they’ve been away.

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I suppose, but I would have thought most fans, even newer ones, would have been just as interested in the julie ruin. I think the reformation hype will no doubt boost it, and they are definitely extremely relevant right now, just wonder whether it will be enough for brixton

omg, are you sure? I can send you the money today, like. And you would have my eternal gratitude obv!

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