Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin and all things Kathleen Hanna

Email from The Roundhouse too who’ll aim to process the refund within eight weeks :roll_eyes:

Quite gutted really. Hope everyone is ok obviously but the Roundhouse would have been my first time seeing them. Didn’t think they would even announce this second run of shows.

Le Tigre just announced for Primavera so presumably some UK gigs in the summer.

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^This is my favourite Kathleen Hanna incarnation, so excited…


Awwww yeah


£45 for Troxy.

Never seen them and really want to, so I guess that’s what I’m paying

Same day as Mighty Hoopla which is fucking annoying but I am going.

Sweden is nice, honestly!

Saw them once, back in '05 at The Forum. Was absolutely brilliant fun :+1:

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Got excited also seeing them say that there are new t shirts. These are the t shirts Le Tigre – Kung Fu Merch


Shame the Bikini Kill gigs weren’t rescheduled but cancelled.

The Le Tigre shows will probably sell out quick when tickets released but I’ll see how I feel closer to the dates if they’re still on sale.

Seem Le Tigre twice. Once at The Garage and another time at The Astoria. Great fun live.

Saw that tour the night before in Manchester, stupidly fun gig.

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Saw them a fair few times. ATP in Camber, Coachella, Popstarz at the Scala, Manchester… always great fun.

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I think they played more or less every festival i went to from 97-02, but alas i have never seen them

see also : Asian Dub Foundation

The barras hell yeah!

Took me a while longer than I thought it would, but got one eventually.

See you at the Troxy! Gonna be weird cos last time I was there it was my my friend’s wedding

Really kinda wanna go to the Berlin date as well. That would be so fun