Bilbao Swaggin'

Come on then you pricks. Everyone’s been to Bilbao, now it’s got it’s own thread.

San Mames?
Day trip to San Sebastian?
Nice things to look at?

Let’s be having you

Cocktails - Sumerian club, gin fizz, moscow mule
Craft beer - Singular, penguin, craft tabeerna
Pinxtos - squares in the old town and bounce around
Sam Mames- deffo
Gugg- Deffo
Funicular up to the hill for the views, deffo if not cloudy
San Seb - Deffo, foods even better than bilbao
Non pincho food - Pizza at coppolas

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Drip King of Angmar


Guggenheim was alright when I went, but that was a long time ago and I don’t remember how much it cost.

The Metro was sick as fuck, loved it.

Went to a massive out of town shopping centre that was a real trip, so loud and confusing. Hit up a mind bogglingly enormous Decathlon and got some unbelievable bargs and marvelled at the scale.

The old town is lovely, spent a lot of time there. Just floating between bars and nibbling olives and stuff. Could fill a whole weekend chilling there easily.

Outside the old town it felt curiously like you could be anywhere in Europe because it was so modern (all the Spanish people speaking Spanish would’ve clued you in if you got genuinely confused tho).

Probably loads of stuff I don’t know because we just turned up with no plan and went big tourist museum - bars - hotel - bars again - hotel again - home. Worked out p well tbf.

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It good angmar love

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I was really disappointed by the Guggenheim tbh. Maybe the were just the wrong exhibitions for me.

San Mames tour was ace, shame they weren’t playing at home when we went.

I preferred San Seb tbh, smaller but beautiful place.

There’s a big inflatable duck on a roof somewhere around here