I’m off to Bilbao next week any one been? Any tips?

I’m going to Athletic v Athletico next wednesday night and gonna take a trip to san sebastian.

Any tips on san sebastian also welcome


Probably my lost favouritest place I’ve ever been.

The Guggenheim is obvious but is really cool -you can definitely explore the riverside area and parks around there for a day. The Old Town (Casio Viejo) is also worth a long trip (you can walk around pretty much the whole city quite quickly) - spend a while in the Plaza Nueva trying out all the different pintxo bars. I can’t actually remember the names of the bars / restaurants I went too but I mostly stuck to pintxo places and found some incredible stuff pretty much eveywhere.

San Sebastián - go to the beach obvs. Also check out a place called Bar Nestor if you can, all they serve is steak, peppers and tomatoes but it is incredible!! The place is pretty tiny and they have a weird queuing system (you put your name on a list at the bar and they eventually give you a table when your food is ready - people will try and claim tables but they’re all mugs as they’ll get kicked off eventually). I went on a Sunday to Tuesday so most of the restaurants “proper” were closed but will try and dig out the recommendations I got. The pintxo bars were all incredible again though.

Have fun!

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no but I’m watching them play Hertha tonight!

Is it Bilbao that has a river that’s been complete diverted and the old riverbed is now a park? I remember that in Spain somewhere.

Drink the local cider where you turn a tap on a barrel and have to catch it in your glass from six feet away as the cider shoots out.

That’s valencia

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Ah, right, thanks. I went to both places around the same time. Touring with a band it’s easy to get places mixed up.

if you’re into fine dining there’s loads of Michelin star restaurants - so book in advance.
plaza nueva as mentioned
walk around the old town/casco Viejo
la riberia market is a nice art deco building and sells good food if youre cooking for yourself
if youre catching the train watch out for the crazy stained glass window thing.
la alhondiga might have a decent exhibit on and is a pretty cool building
the garden the climbs the steps is nice and some famous female designer hose name escapes me designed another set
the fine arts museum is good and the resturaunt there is well nice

also take a brolly. it seems to either be boiling or raining a lot.

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This was obviously supposed to say “most favouritest”

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I’ve always wanted to go because of (the old) ground, and after seeing a documentary about Basque food. Everyone i know who’s been has said the same thing, though, that the people are lovely but the city itself is grey and quite boring. It’s known as the Spanish Manchester isn’t it, so that kind of adds up…