Bill Callahan / Smog discussion thread

Afternoon gigs FTW


Yes please!

nothing appearing when I google it, is there a site anywhere?

Yes! As I’m a fairly recent Callahan convert, is this the type of thing where all these shows will sell out on Friday morning?

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One of the best sets I’ve ever seen when I caught him at Green Man. And just down the road from me, lovely stuff.

I’m not sure what the capacity of Hoxton Hall is but he sold out The Barbican maybe five years ago. That’s the only time I’ve seen him live.

That was a good afternoon

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First Aid Kit and NMH in such nice weather, tripping balls, fond memories indeed!

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almost time to start hitting refresh

I’m guessing these sold out very quickly, but let’s have a rollcall anyways

  • Thurs
  • Fri
  • Sat Matinee
  • Sat Evening
  • Sun Matinee
  • Sun Evening

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Saw the price and decided against it. Seen him plenty over the years anyway.

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Yeah £30+bf is a bit nuts isn’t it? I picked up a Thursday ticket anyway. ive never been so hoping the venue is ok - can anyone comment?

Its nice, very small and grand

I only found out about this thanks to this thread. Thank you very much! Going on Saturday evening :slight_smile:

quite looking forward to this tomorrow

Going to the matinee (well la di da Mr Frenchman) on Saturday. Apparently the support is a standup comedian.

Roy Chubby Brown?

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This looks amazing