Bill Callahan / Smog discussion thread

On first impression I think this is a really wonderful album.
I initially enjoyed Shepherd, although ultimately it didn’t really stick with me & I’ve gone back to it very rarely.

The MacKenzies is a special song, just awesome songwriting.

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Really liking this new one. It’s good to have a bit of strangeness and humour back in his music. Didn’t rate Shepherd at all. At the moment this is his best since Eagle for me. Only track I’m a bit indifferent to is the rework of let’s move to the country - not sure it adds a great deal.

Funny hearing him reference Kid and Play

Quite like the new one. Always comforting to listen to, and more front-to-back consistent than the last one.

Think the last three, and half of Apocalypse, have suffered a bit from him doing these sort of rambly semi spoken word half-tunes. It’s occasionally effective (eg The Sing) but mostly think he’s best when he’s doing ‘proper’ (for want of a better word) songs - A River Ain’t Too Much to Love, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle, and latterly songs like Drover, Baby’s Breath, Riding For The Feeling, One Fine Morning, Small Plane, etc.

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Still so put off from the previous one and the tour that I can’t face the new one. Hopefully it will be a pleasent surprise at some point.

Give it a go - It’s much better than shepherd. Pigeons, 35 and the Mackenzies have turned into some of my favourite things he’s ever done.

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