Bill Callahan / Smog discussion thread

Are they going to make these into an album or will they all just have that odd heart-in-an-envelope thing on?

They’ve all popped up on my Release Radar in Spotify and they’ve all been really nice.

Are they releasing an album? Haven’t been paying attention to these singles (though wasn’t that take by the couple I heard). At first I assumed they were a one off, but seems there have been an awful lot of them now

No news about an album, at this rate they’ll have enough songs for at least two albums though!

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dream team

This ^ along with the tracks with Meg Baird and George Xylouris have been particularly excellent.

I don’t know the original but this is incredible.

Absolutely loving these covers in general, what a lovely project they’ve got going on.

Gonna listen to Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle this afternoon. First four tracks are just brilliant


This is nice

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Not exactly the right place for this, but super excited that Will Oldham and Matt Sweeny are doing another Superwolf album. Loved the first one

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Really got into his early weirder lo-fi stuff as Smog last year. Need to back to that.

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