Bill Ryder-Jones - And Then There’s You

At what point does a song overstep being a homage or a pastiche into being just too much of a ripoff then?

Been hearing him talking about sadcore (read: Red House Painters) and it’s influence on his new record (which he’s pretty self-regarding about). I was just about fine with his clear RHP fixation on the last single and was just about fine with it on the new one… until that chorus. I mean, really?

He’s not only nicked the melody from one RHP song but lifted the lyrics/themes from another.

It’s a shame, because it’s kinda lovely stuff, albeit in a rather studied way, but when that chorus comes in, I’m cringing hard at the brazen theft on display. Am I being too harsh? I guess he’s banking on a bunch of listeners not knowing these tracks or something?

I concur. It’s pure RHP pastiche. He’s overstepped the mark here.

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I read in an interview that he did it kozeleked it so much


Dunno, saw him the other week and he was fantastic though so I’ll let it slide.

can you present the songs in question to the thread for judgement please?

Bill’s great and I’ve never listened to Red House Painters so I’ll probably be on his side.

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If it’s any good be thankful at least someone is making decent Kozelek music now.
I look forward to BR-J’s future albums about his daily routines, what he watched on TV, and reading emails from his fans.

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I want a collab


Only if they cover ‘Old Man’ by Neil Young.

‘Yawn’ then. Good innit?

Liking this. I note he’s playing Shipley / Saltaire in Feb. Different.

Is it that new salts brewing place?

Yeah, think so. The Hop (Leeds/Wakefield) have something to do with it.

Cheers. Will have a look

Just heard this for the first time. Unbelievable.

There’s something so barefaced about it that it almost seems like he’s on a pisstake to see what he can get away with.

When he delivers the line about it being “all mixed up” it feels like he’s gone full Jive Bunny with a RHP mashup.

he’s releasing a piano & vocals version of “yawn”

this is reet good

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I still like the album. There’s worse people to thieve from than Marky Koz.

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Saw him at Sea Change and he was really good (although he was absolutely smashed).

Really liked West County Kirby Primary but this last one hasn’t quite stuck with me. Found the tone quite samey and wasn’t taken with the songs. Interested to hear the piano versions tho to see if it makes a difference.

This is lovely.

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