Bill Withers RIP

:cry: Absolute legend.


Sadly no longer with us


He’s known for the big ballads but he could get funky too:

One of the greats RIP.


Nice obituary in the Guardian.

The Still Bill doc is lovely too. One of the few soul singers who managed a relatively uncomplicated career and was content with retirement. The film is just him being a lovely, humble guy hanging around with his mates on their porches.


Ah shit

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Ah balls. Great singer, impossibly funky at times


:frowning: God damn it

Shit. An all-time great. We can’t make a duck sing any more :frowning:

He’s well worth investigating. I was put off for years by Lovely Day (which I hate) but he made some great records. There’s a terrific live album (Live at the Carnegie Hall) which is well worth seeking out. Love him when gets away from the schmaltz:


A true legend who knew how to stop at the top. Innately soulful, magnificently funky, always humble. We’ll miss you more than ever, Bill <3

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Live At Carnegie Hall is definitely worth a few listens and then some. Has a spine-tingling version of I Can’t Write Left-Handed.


Really sad, although until a couple of years ago I genuinely thought he’d died years and years ago cos he stopped so young. Remember being delighted when I found out he was still going :grinning:

Still Bill is an incredible album, and this is one of the loveliest songs ever written:

Oh shit yeah. That version is incredible. Probably the best thing he did.

sad news, what a voice, what great tracks, and from the sounds of it a right good lad.
81 though is good innings. So long Bill. :cry:

Oh dear. Got to be one of the most comforting songwriters around. Carnegie Hall is probably my favourite live album ever, you can really hear the change in him as it plays on.

RIP big man xx


Just gorgeous


what a legend. RIP big man. the most pleasing voice of all time.

singles were all great but his deep cut collection is just as good.

Sad but he had a good innings. Beautiful voice. Some lovely, uplifting songs.

Lovely Day is a great song. Love this version too!

I went jose james touring his bill withers album at paard a couple of years ago. really liked his beatbox treatment of grandma’s hands, you can hear in the outro of this…