Billie Eilish

is very good, the production on everything she’s released has been fucking incredible

debut album came out on Friday, it’s inconsistent but like her previous releases, the good stuff really is very good indeed

these two tracks are probably my favourite, the 2nd and 3rd tracks on her EP from 2017 neither is on the album that just came out

any thoughts/opinions/hot takes?

bloody great that someone who’s having so much commerical success with teenagers is releasing genuinely good stuff


Keep thinking it says Billy Elliot every time I see a poster for it

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I was toying on starting this thread, really liking the album, but worried that you’re only allowed to talk about new releases in the new releases thread these days.

Definitely feels like enough of an event to warrant its own thread.

couple of months ago i dropped into the spotify most streamed songs in the world playlist

i couldn’t believe it when i heard bury a friend - everything else was bland shit pop music so it stood out a mile

got an email last week from spotify saying that i was allowed to buy the spotify exclusive picture vinyl release of the album. only 1,500 copies apparently so was surprised that i was able to buy one a few hours after the email was sent. could be worth a bit eventually.

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Find some of it good and other bits embarrassing, especially ‘xanny’. Not sure if the world needs my opinion on Billie Eilish though.

The chorus of ‘bad guy’ sounds like the soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country

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She’s been on my radar for a while, because my eldest daughter (nearly 14) is a fan. Obviously I’d been warned off listening because that would not be cool, but I’ve blasted the album a few times and yeah, it’s generally pretty good. My daughter has accepted me listening to it now and we’re both in agreement that we don’t like the one where she puts on a child’s voice.

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some of the missteps in her discography do genuinely feel like they’re the mistakes of someone very young

which makes me think that in a few yeras time she could release a full album of gold

either that or the industry will turn her into another bland popstar… hopefully not

one more video for anyone on the fence - this is so heavy when it kicks in

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Someone young at work was playing me some of her stuff the other day. Bits of it are very good, bits aren’t. Agree that she could potentially release a run of absolute brilliance in the future. Definitely one to watch (I sound and feel 100 years old)

Have it queued up to listen to next. She’s constantly played/mentioned on the radio station I listen to, and I know I’ve heard some of her songs before, but I can’t actually remember how any of them go.

Will report back once I’ve given the album the once over.

Really enjoying some of the album too, in fact I was listening to it again just now. Bits of the production almost remind me of Double Negative, which in fact, I’m listening to now.

She clearly has some really good ideas, looking forward to enjoying hearing them at Reading.

yeah yeah really into that billy eyelash record yeah


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Judging by this, her record label are pretty well-attuned to selling limited editions:

To name a few:

  • glow in the dark vinyl
  • lime green vinyl
  • orange vinyl
  • pale yellow vinyl
  • glow in the dark cassette
  • gold cassette
  • lime green cassette
  • orange cassette
  • Urban Outfitters exclusive cassette
  • Urban Outfitters exclusive copper vinyl
  • JB Hi-fi exclusive copper vinyl
  • Spotify picture disc
  • Target exclusive CD
  • Limited clamshell CD

It looks like the regular black vinyl could be the rarest vinyl there!!

Enjoying reading these couple of posts as Statler and Waldorf.

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when i was trying to find out more on friday i came across an article that mentioned maybe 5 vinyl colours, but that really is just silly

and also i see that the spotify picture disc is already available from two sellers

one wanting £87 and one wanting £170, jeez

clamshell cd is more than the vinyl - £26 +

future of CDs I reckon

this is great. But for someone getting so much mainstream success is nothing short of incredible.

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