Billionaire Field Poll


I could probably get the same info by asking what your first degree is in but anyways…

You’ve become a BILLIONAIRE, in what field would you like to have made your money?

  • Acting
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance & Investment
  • Tech
  • Commerce
  • Inheritance
  • Sport
  • Fashion
  • Other - please specify

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Other: quantum field lol


Building Polls


Oh please help someone


I’d say that there be a significant number of people who wouldn’t want to make their money in what they did as a degree (because it put them off the subject).




Oil magnate


Organised crime


Doing the sort of shit Elon Musk has done. The guy blows my mind.




other: treasure hunter


Inheritance, literally no work ever. Perfect


Other: shop for left-handed people. Calling it The Leftorium, obviously.


accidental billionaire who subsequently ploughs it all back into socialist pet projects because being a billionaire is an awful thing.


The one that requires least effort. So inheritance.


Yeah, this.


Not before I open a Belgian beer shop called The Leffetorium you won’t.


OTHER : Saving the world from aliens and everyone decides to give me money.

EDIT : Which I try and refuse but they’re pretty insistent.


Scamming 1 billionaire for all their money


Scamming 1000 millionaires for all their money


Did not go well for Madoff