So I just saw this and was wondering what DiSers think about a) the existence of billionaires and b) how easy you’d find it to spend a nice round billion dollars

I could spend a billion dollars easily… I think

I’d like to think that once I’ve bought some really old synthesizer from the Soviet Union that is prone to catching fire and made a feature film, I’d just do nice shit with the money



trying to make a joke of Billionaires - Billy on airs - and name my favourite DJs called William but cant think of any

You can spend a billion easily enough, but at that level expenditure is mainly about maintaining/expanding wealth, power, influence, etc, rather than “I can now buy this thing I’ve always wanted”.

Now I want some caramel shortbread

One billion tacos.


What if I have lots of it?

How do we all feel about the universal adoption of the American billion (1,000,000,000)?

Why suddenly change the number rules at billion? Should be a million million, no?

man, billionaire’s shortbread must be aaaccceeee


I’m in favour of it. Talking about ten thousand million or something is ridiculous.


this is the correct and good opinion

everyone has wealth, how can it be evil?

not everyone has a fair share tho - this is where i can maybe believe an argument about good v evil

I think the elon musk thread probably sums up what DiS thinks about billionaires

Repossess their control of the means of production and send them to work in factories/on farms.


Could easily spend it. Free breakfast for everyone in Britain for a year. As long as no one goes for the £6 toast I should be able to cover the cost easy

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I thought this was really good, if you’ve not seen…


That looks fucking awesome

It’s great.

I’m mutual Facebook friends with a billionaire, was always surprised at how dull he made being really rich look.