Billy Bigheads

I have the best Billy Bighead stories

So much better than your weak stories


Who is to say that we didn’t privately divert the consultant paediatrician away from the local orphanage?

Because you spent the time having chilled out chats and getting them to measure your head for lolz. I’m assuming that wasn’t on your dollar.

I like to refer to them as Billy Big Bollocks

they are all very happy apparently

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well that’s annoying

what percentile are you testes in @Balonz?

I also have a large head. Hth

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I find the scientific designation of them as horrible people really funny for some reason


I call these people two shits. If you’ve just had a shit then they’ve had two.


my head is quite small

thanks for your time

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That’s interesting. All the narcissistic people I know are terribly needy and unhappy

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they must be vulnerable narcissists

““vulnerable” narcissists can be much more defensive and have a tendency to view other people’s behaviour as “hostile”.”

you need to make friends with better narcissists



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Dunno, I’ll head down Harley Street this afternoon and get a few consultants to have a look.

I feel envious of people who have heads small enough to wear hats. If I wear a hat, it looks like a small vessel has landed on the planet of my head.

Do you have a Billy Bighead?

  • Billy Bighead
  • Alan Averagesizedhead
  • Terrence Tinyhead

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Gonna take my time with this one.


I’m actually friends with better narcissists than you are.

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