Billy Corgan and His Infinite Regrettable Hat Choices


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Not only is he urging everyone to take the coronavirus seriously, today he said that any money in the stimulus bill not going to people in need is disheartening. Nice to get more evidence that he’s not a right wing ghoul and that his heart is in the right place.

True but he has enough clout to be helping out too (ie, releasing a comp of outtakes with profits going to charity, streaming a concert, selling gear for charity etc) he’s sitting on a shit-ton of unreleased music, could easily load up to bandcamp at a name your price with profits for charity

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Let’s not kick society while it’s down


bet he would complain about ‘european level taxes’ if the stimulus hit his pocket too. glad he isn’t being too billy corgan about covid, but not sure what he is talking about when he says stuff like people not listening to his warnings, the guy said swine flu was invented by obama, has dabbled in anti-vaxx, doesnt seem to care about looming environmental catastrophe, glad he is being sensible this time but he definitely shouldnt be mr I told you so.

anyone know what that michael stipe stuff was about?

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Reckon he’ll be on the “China virus” bandwagon before too long.


True, though he’s certainly not alone in that. I’m surprised more bands aren’t doing something.

Ugh I keep forgetting about this. Though I’m getting the sense that 2020 Billy is different from 2010-ish Billy too, in a good way.

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