Billy Corgan Cant Be Stopped


Still can’t believe how bad solara is


It finally just dawned on me what the “ayyeeayyeeayyeeayyee” bit in Solara reminds me of.

And it has lovers in the title! Lovers!


Worst band press photo since Razorlight?


That photo makes me feel better about boycotting Wembley


they all look like they’re gonna whitey


I cant get on board with this ‘Shiney and Oh so bright’ title. Sounds so shit.

Solara came on the radio recently and wasnt as awful as id first thought. Probably gonna spend the day listening to their non shit stuff though

Would be very keen on hearing the Machina reissues/remasters. Some great stuff in there


What’s the deal with the ‘vol.1 / LP’ bit?

And whoever said the new song sounds like Stereophonics, I had a listen and it’s basically Dakota isn’t it but without a proper chorus.


lad on the right looks proper upset


Wouldn’t you be?


Think it’s called pretentiousness




That was me !


Can someone do a parody of the whole band shot like that really good Green Day one from a month ago?


:notes: hello darkness, my old friend :notes:

This is going to be absolutely awful, isn’t it


Just remembered I dreamed I was staying at Billy Corgan’s house last night and I had to be polite to him


Such a convoluted title. Shiny and Oh So Bright vol. 1/LP No past, no future, no sun. Shit ,just give the thing one title.

As it was initially announced as 2 EPs, and this only has 8 songs, my guess is they thought add another song on each and we can sell these as albums.

Calling it now , there will not be a Vol. 2.


One day Vol 2 will be released as a box set with Day for Night and the last 17 EPs of Tearygardeny Byey Kaliseyscopey.


TTF, smiling politely?


Calling it now, top five album of the year.


Even if the remaining 6 tracks are all 10/10 solara and this one are 0/10 which will drag the average down to 7.5, there’s definitely 5 albums this year that are mire than 7.5