Billy Corgan Cant Be Stopped


Dunno who they are


Snow Patrol?


What a weird choice, black metal type stuff. Will go down like a sack of shit I expect.

Edit - not Icelandic


I caved and gave the new one a shot - after the first listen, I think I really like it! My initial impression is that it has kind of a TFE meets Machina 2 thing going on, while not being a retread at all. It’s going to take a lot to get past Self Defense Family and Deafheaven and Tropical Fuck Storm, but I’m starting to get optimistic he can crack the top three and maybe even pull off AOTY.
I’m officially excited.


And I think it’s already shaping up to be better than Monuments, which, if viewed for what it is rather than what it’s not, is actually a very enjoyable little album. If Weezer had released it, Rolling Stone would be throwing “pop genius” and “the comeback kid” around.


just sounds bland to me, lack of the Corgan magic that he seemed to have rediscovered a little on ogilala. i like the mangled lead guitar sound though, an improvement on solaras complete lack of variation


Solara didn’t have it in the traditional sense (it’s still really enjoyable to me), but I feel this one does. I know I’m only one listen in, but it strikes me as a song that’s going to keep getting better and will be even more effective in the context of an album.


dunno ‘we’re in the middle we’re in the middle, ghosts’ can’t ever imagine that meaning something


New one could easily sit on Machina as one of the stronger songs and, in 2018 knowing what we know - Disneyland and all, i’ll take that all day long. Billy’s vocals sounds on point too. Colour me intrigued.


New song is very Cure. I quite like it.


New song is fairly decent (for SP 4.0) but lacks a build or climax. Final chorus should go somewhere new, or a massive pre-chorus or something…definitely feels a little rushed but they only recorded together for a few weeks it seems


That was one of my initial thoughts too, the lack of the climax, but I think it still really works. Kind of like Mark David Chapman by Trail of the Dead in that way.


Would be the weakest song on machina


To be fair, that’s no fault of its own considering Machina is co-greatest album of all time.


Looking forward to the pitchfork 10.0 best reissue when the box set comes out


I can’t get over what a strange choice Mykur is for support at this show. It’s a mesmerisingly weird decision.


Mellon Collie and the Philosopher’s Stone


Myrkur has not yet made a classic lp, despite showing signs that she has the potential to do so in the future. Her best work is almost certainly still to come.

She’s pretty much the anti pumpkins.


Reckon no one else in Europe was willing to do it


I’d have read this thread over some tape loops.