Billy Corgan Cant Be Stopped


Alright Mark Kozelek



i make that 120 releases


In reality…a Siddartha remix 10" and a fucking LP of Widow Wake My Mind demos


you can tell he is annoyed Jimmy interjects with ‘hundreds’ he was trying to big it up even more


Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


So on top of the new Pumpkins album, we’re getting a self-produced double solo album darker than Ogilala with the first disc coming out early 2019. And then all of the archive stuff too. What a time!


saw this photo of Kevin Gates and it brought me straight here


He’s also threatening a bluegrass album.

Latest thread title change did me in at my desk - so good work whoever was responsible for that.


Uh wow, I’m honoured, whoever changed the thread name


Does it count as a double album if you release the two bits separately? Man needs to stop these multi release projects


It’s hard to say, how do people feel about System of a Down and Everclear?

I don’t know, I think he’s at his best when he’s swinging for the fences. Teargarden still feels like an aberration rather than the norm. Though I am concerned that volume two will be shelved once the critics inevitably don’t give volume one a fair chance.


Who wears earphones on a ride with their kid?


And yes, I’m asking you specifically.

Justify yourself.

Or my love. Whichever.


think Billy Corgan Doesn’t Exist was my favourite incarnation of the thread title


I heard the new song,

I like it. Billy’s voice isn’t overbearing and the production is pretty good.


It’s inevitable we’ll now get posts in here that aim to gain thread title status. I would never go in for such shenanigans.

In a totally unrelated note, The Corgan Shark Jumping Jamboree rumbles on steadily it seems.


Think I’ve made the argument before that Corgs is a Vader like figure to Morrisseys full palpatine, I still feel there is good in him


Som is clearly darth maul