Billy Corgan Cant Be Stopped


Don’t think he has made any self indulgent albums in the past why would he now?


I know it doesn’t matter but it’s nice to see Billy likes the Silversun Pickups. I think out of all albums by other bands, their debut EP Pikul comes the closest to capturing some of that Pumpkins magic. And Carnavas is an outstanding album as well.


I see Corgs is doing a solo show in Italy with Schroeder, cracks appearing in the reunion?


Nah, he’s been talking about it on social media for a while. He’s pretty shrewd and knows there are more eyes on him than at any other point since the first SP breakup, so he always tends to use super positive posts about the SP reunion/tour/album to sandwich posts about his solo work.


Not really? He did just release a solo album last year


Yeah but why just Jeff not James too


Maybe James just needs a break from Billy’s shit.


That was my assumption, wonder which one will break first


I mean there is literally nothing out of the ordinary here. Front man of band has solo shows, borrows member from band to perform. It’s a story as old as time itself


I mean otherwise they might as well just be Smashing Pumpkins gigs


I wasn’t being 100% serious, but I do think that it hints at true aligiences


The album artwork has dropped then…


Drab Majesty are supporting the new American dates, they’re amazing



explains it


A seated ticket for the London show (I have an alert, basically to see if any desperate last minute re-sales appear, because I am terrible) popped up on twickets. It was £108. Is that an average price for this?!?!


Dont Twickets charge a huge fee ontop of the sellers asking?


There was quite a range, £55 cheapest, think standard was £80 and golden circle standing and the best seats £108 (might have been more I can’t remember)


That’s without that (!), page lists it as a £95 f/v plus a £13 booking fee originally.,1

@ttf thanks, those are some craaaazy prices.


Yep and standing aside all price bands are still available

I still sort of want to go but no way am I paying that