Billy Corgan Cant Be Stopped


Same. I had half an eye on it for nostakgia’s sake but unless i can get a standing ticket for £40 then i have no interest


The price, and the footage I’ve seen being so lacklustre makes me feel ok about missing it






Darcy is looking ROUGH


I’m one of the suckers that paid full price for a Gold Circle standing ticket, because (a) I hate sitting at gigs and (b) the regular standing tickets (£75ish) were, remarkably, all sold out when I finally made the plunge a few weeks ago.

I felt sick to my stomach at the time but now I’m just glad I’m going and actually pretty excited tbh.


Im too old to stand for a 3 and a half hour show anymore. Plus the prices are totally mental.




Presented without comment


I thought he was Palpatine, not Snoke?


I maintain he is a Vader like figure, there is still good in him, I’ve felt it


Well, obviously a lot of the imagery during this tour specific to Billy is playing up the egotistical image/reputation—to a comical degree. I think rather successfully too, I love the idea. Just own it Billy!

(From the show I went to—paid 150.00 a ticket for seats twelve rows back and it was worth every last penny, fantastic show with an awesome setlist).


One more thing re: pricing on this tour. I have seen every SP tour since the Siamese Dream era, (minus some of the smaller acoustic tours with only a few stops) and they have always been a fair price for tickets, even when the band was huge. However, they have also been a no-frills kind of stage show. Philosophy has always been a focus on the band and not the lights thing. Even the first farewell shows were pretty no frills affairs. At times they have done some creative things with lighting, but nothing say on a NIN level or anything like that.

That said, this tour they wanted to do the huge spectacle thing. Pre-recorded video, cool visual effects, lots of lights and giant screens. I expect to pay some more money for that, plus it’s an arena tour. Their crew is obviously top notch on this tour as well, as their sound was PRISTINE in that big dumb arena. How I don’t know because most shows at this arena sound bad so I rarely attend a show there—saw NIN there and even their vaunted audio tech fell fairly flat.

So yeah, it’s a little more expensive. But this isn’t a mid-size club show. It’s a feast—


The Weezer thread is making me think Billy’s biggest mistake was choosing a shaved head over thick glasses.


He would be 100% cooler now if he grew out his remaining hair into a mad old man do


the Smashing Nutkins


someone is giving away a ticket on the Facebook event page 2hours ago, no comments on their post


£150! I mean… fair enough. But… jesus


Peanuts compared to what me and the Mrs. had to pay to take my 7 year old to Taylor Swift this year and get semi decent seats, I’m sad to say. But…I must also admit the Taylor Swift show was really nothing short of a finely tuned spectacle. Got to give that young lady some props she delivers live.


… Also, Taylor Swift’s recorded output in the last decade has been more consistnently good than Billy Corgan’s in the same time.