Billy Corgan Cant Be Stopped



What a dildo


They all sound genuinely happy and excited.

I’m not expecting this quote to be featured in any “Billy Corgan is a delusional narcissist” hit pieces:

But here’s one example: We were in the studio, and Rick pulled me aside and he said, “I get it.” And I was like, “What do you get?” And he said, “James softens the metal.” And what Rick meant by that is, James has a way of taking the blunt-force trauma of how Jimmy and I approach rock music and creating a softer, more psychedelic kind of layering thing that somehow makes it feel cooler or sexier. And when you see it happen and you notice it, especially because it hasn’t been around for a while, you’re like, “Oh, that’s that thing that people like!”



Going to be the first album to be the best of two decades.


Lots of instrumentals and alt versions…hopefully there are more full tracks/demos to come


gish yes, adore no.


fuck i’ve never seen this before but it is BAD-ASS


fuck me that’s some set. Kinda wish I went now


Still weirds me out when I see him with hair.



whole of vieuphoria is on youtube


I’m usually really disparaging on band-focused musicals, but I would be all over an SP one.

Join our noble warrior William, as he enters the Siamese Dream to defeat the villain Melon Collie, and his invincible army, the Infinite Sadness!

I’d still be disparaging of it, mind. But I’d pay for a ticket.


Thing is though he has flip flopped on this so many times, sometimes saying the sound was crafted as a band but he just did the majority of the recording because it was quicker, to saying it was all him and jimmy and the others were there for show almost like a manufactured band, so even though he seems to be giving credit where credit is due I wouldn’t be surprised if he changes his tune again down the line. Also all their social media and interviews keep going on how happy they are and how positive the whole thing has been, comes across a bit forced.

Wouldn’t be surprised if James Iha’s Contract stipulates Billy had to give home credit in one guitar magazine interview


Can anyone who saw them confirm whether there was a visual dig at D’arcy during try,try,try as mentioned here


I didn’t notice the video screen for that song in-particular, but she was evidently edited out of all the old videos / footage that accompanied the songs in the early part of the set.

You can see Try Try Try here (albeit sometimes with the screens not in shot)


the backdrop features a video of a bleached blond woman shooting up with glowing drugs apparatus, then waking to fumble around with empty wine bottles.

That just sounds like the Jonas Akurlamf video / short film that accompanied it?


Next phase of this thread will be documenting machina


Is that just an extended try,try,try video? This looks different I think:



really keen on the smashing pumpkins and forum threads so rn i’m in hog heaven