Billy Corgan Cant Be Stopped


Billy threw one of my photos* a Like on Instagram the other day, which was nice.

(* It was a reasonably flattering one of him soloing at the Wembley show, with a total elated fanboy caption, but still…)


Don’t know how long it’s been there but aeroplane flies high deluxe version is on Spotify. Currently listening to sone peak era pumpkins I’ve not heard before


so i ain’t the most knowledgeable about the smashing pumpkins but i do know this is one of the most joyful videos ever and the song ain’t bad neither

i am on a smashing pumpkins tip tonight pals, 4 beers to down and nowhere to go, time to rock imo


I had no idea this was on there either, I don’t recognize a lot of these titles. I’m glad the general public will get to hear Germans in Leather Pants.

I’m guessing the answer is no, but is there a full version of the Pastichio Medley version of The Groover anywhere?


I’d somehow never heard the full version of Star Song either. I didn’t even realize what I was listening to and then suddenly that solo popped up like an old friend.


My daughter at a Halloween festival tonight, rocking one of her SP tees





Got a spare for the advanced listening event for their new album this evening in shoreditch if anyone is interested


So do the venue…


Is it going to be empty?


Nah, im just being a twat…kinda wanna go myself but too far away (Shoreditch an odd place for a 2018 SP listening party though…)



Arggghh! Im fucking done!! Soon as the butchered/brickwalled/remixed to shit version of Machina finally drops I think im out the door. Corgan is totally clueless. What is this shit?!?

(How was the listening party?)


Not great, can never really judge an album on one listen but it didn’t seem like the old magic was there, I like my pumpkins to be extremes, whimsical dream pop or pummelling cybermetal but this just seemed like generic rock, though there was one heavy song towards the end I liked. Not sure how many people were there but it felt like if anyone turned up they probably would have got in but it didn’t seem empty. Got some free enamel pins




Been following his Instagram Q&As and, while I know I shouldn’t be at this point, I’m in complete disbelief at how thin skinned the guy is. Every single request for AlbumX or SongY to be put back on Spotify or played live or re-issued or whatever is met with a “But my fans told me it sucked so it must be true”.


He is such a baby


I’ve somehow tricked myself into enjoying these lame new songs.


Same. Solara came up on shuffle this morning and I found myself nodding along to the amped up guitars in the outro :-/

Don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking Silvery Sometimes, mind.

Haven’t managed to get through the first ten seconds of the latest one yet. That intro is jarring as fuck.