Billy Corgan doesn't exist


Bands that are better than slint: rodan, June of 44, shipping news, Indian summer


Obviously not an exhaustive list


In the category of being a reference to use for scoring indie points, yes.


So not the Smashing Pumpkins, glad we’ve settled that.

(Seriously though, thanks for the names, I think I’ve only heard June of 44 off that list).


The slint like bands that are better than slint tangent thread


Forgot codeine


Though i kinda get your point I wouldn’t categorise skint as emo like these bands


out of those probably only indian summer are emo?


Saint Billy (<-this is a joke)


reckon d’arcy should join pavement


Given emo seems to have 3 waves and they are all different who knows?


yeah but I don’t think any of those bands, except indian summer, would fit into any wave of emo


Full blown yes, but they all have elements of it


“God, what a mess/ On the ladder of success”

One of the great opening lines.


Out on tour with one quarter of the core nineties line up of Smashing Pumpkins


Yeah, its a banger. Love the ending & the fucked SNL performance


Today in smashing pumpkins history debut album Gish was released on this day in 1991


I am twenty-seven as you are twenty-nine


Can’t believe it’s been Gish month for 19 years.


Just want to say the new Stephen Malkmus is actually pretty good, I think I might like it more than all post-Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Pavement (not sure yet). The Future Embrace and Ogilala are better though. I still think that if Billy released it, it would be called total shit.